MSPEEDWAX | Molten Speed Wax - Swisher Tool

Swisher Tool


-Stiff little whippersnapper- 

Swishing a chain in hot wax forces wax into every nook and cranny, cleaning and lubricating all parts of the chain inside and out. Swishing also homogenizes the friction modifiers in MSPEEDWAX, maximizing low friction goodness during your chain's spa treatment. Made of stiff, heavy gauge industrial wire, our Swisher is strong enough to swish even heavy 1/8" chains. And did we mention our Swisher organizes a chain perfectly for waxing? Or that the big M provides a humongous amount of leverage for swishing? Well there, we just did.

The MSPEEDWAX Swisher Tool: time to retire your feeble coat hanger or flimsy bike spoke and get down to real swishing



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