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Independent bicycle dealers, frame builders, repair shops, bicycle rental businesses and online retailers can purchase the following Molten Speed Wax products from Quality Bicycle Products in Bloomington, MN:

QBP part numbers:

LU0800: Molten Speed Wax 1 lb. bag

LU0801: Molten Speed Wax Race Powder 55g jar

CH9700: YBN 6.4 Titanium Chain 11sp Gold

CH9701: YBN Ti-Nitride Chain 11sp Black

CH9702: YBN Ti-Nitride Chain 11sp Gold

CH9703: YBN Ti-Nitride Chain 10sp Black

CH9704: YBN Ti-Nitride Chain 10sp Gold

CH9705: YBN QRS11 Master Link 11sp

CH9706: YBN QRS10 Master Link 10sp

QBP's info:

Quality Bicycle Products
6400 West 105th Street
Bloomington, MN 55438
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