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We are cyclists, extremely passionate about the sport and fascinated by the intricacies of performance. When we first tried wax we were immediately smitten. It’s ultra clean, durable and most important, incomparably fast. The only downside? We used oil on our chains the first 195,000 miles of riding (that's something like a thousand unnecessary hand washings). 

The hot wax technique has likely been around since "Mile-A-Minute Murphy's" era, so why did we wait until 2013 to try it? Our family's history racing bicycles dates back to the early 70's when waxing was somewhat common; we certainly were aware of the technique. To add insult to injury, we've sold cross-country ski wax in our winter business for over a decade. We know wax like the back of our hands, including all the eclectic additives and myriad application techniques. You’d think we could put two and two together.

It took a clever engineer named Jason Smith to put us on the right path. Jason figured out that a waxed chain rivals the efficiency of a perpetual motion machine. He added a little PTFE (the non-stick coating on your frying pan) and molybdenum disulfide / MoS (dry lube that’s hard to pronounce) to paraffin and published the info for everyone to see. Before we knew it we were “cooking chains” in our basement and experimenting with our own additives and techniques. Now our wax is made in large batches with high tech industrial machines (note that our current wax formula has no PTFE or other PFAS chemicals).

Everyone has a Eureka moment in life. For us, it was realizing that we could virtually end chainring tattoos on cyclists’ calves. Seriously, we saw an opportunity to help DIY folks by premixing the ingredients into an easy to use, packaged product. Waxing for top performance is simple if you don't have to source and mix your own friction modifers. We also created in-depth, step-by-step directions with helpful tips so it’s nearly impossible to mess up. If you can make instant pudding, waxing a chain is child’s play. 

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, we believe that wax is a far superior alternative to lubing a chain with oil and grease. So after an inordinate amount of testing and wearing out Jason Smith’s patience with our technical questions, we were ready to start the revolution. Please allow us to introduce MSPEEDWAX and we invite you to “convert to candlepower!”

Keep the rubber side down and don't hesitate to contact us with your waxing questions. Whether your focus is road, tri, track, cross, MTB, gravel, fatbike, BMX, commuting or touring, we understand your language and know firsthand how wax will perform in your specialty.

Long live bikes, clean hands and calves without chainring tattoos,

The Staff at MSPEEDWAX

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