MSPEEDWAX | Molten Speed Wax - Presto Pot (includes free 260g wax puck with purchase)

Presto Pot (includes free 260g wax puck with purchase)


Not your entry level waxing pot, the Presto is made for serious waxing, in fact, we have three in our production line here at MSPEEDWAX. Constructed of aluminum with an accurate thermostat and large heating element, the Presto heats up fast, perfect for waxing multiple chains in quick succession. And you can trust the Presto, it's waxed every winning race chain we've done for worlds or the Olympics over the past four years. Wax on little Presto.


-Heats wax safely from solid form to 200F in 30 minutes

-Powerful heating element returns wax temperature to 200F quickly when cold chain is submerged

-Two MSPEEDWAX pucks provide perfect waxing depth

-MSPEEDWAX Swisher Tool stands tall and proud in pot for easy reach and swishing

-Comes with lid to keep wax clean when stored

-Simple to use, thermostat automatically maintains desired temperature

-Height of sides keeps wax in pot during aggressive swishing

-120V, 1200W (solid sprint wattage)

-Exterior dimensions are 8.5" wide by 7.5" tall


-Place chain on Swisher Tool and two pucks in Presto

-Set thermostat to "Warm" for 25 minutes, then 200F (93C) for five minutes before swishing 

-Allow three minutes heating time in between chains so that chain and wax are both 200F before swishing and removing chain

-Wax at a max temp of 200F (93C). The Presto dial goes up to 400F, no need to wax above 200F!


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