MSW at 86.65mph with Aerovelo ETA September 21 2015

Ready to have your mind blown? Check out this outstanding video showcasing the team of Aerovelo breaking the record for the World Human Powered Speed Championships:

"Aerovelo's Eta broke the Human Powered Speed Record on September 17th 2015 by going a speed of 85.71mph/137.93kph. Eta then broke that record on September 18th 2015 by going 86.50mph/139.21kph. And then Eta broke that new record the following day, September 19th 2015, by going a speed of 86.65mph/139.45kpm! Three new records in three days." 

AeroVelo used both Molten Speed Wax and our Race Powder. They also used 3 lengths of the YBN 11spd 6.4 Titanium Gold Chains connected together with the YBN master links.

Take a peak under the hood of their record-breaking machine:

The impossible is possible! Congratulations Aerovelo on your new world record in the World Human Powered Speed Championships! Molten Speed Wax & YBN chains are proud to be a part of it!